Tribute To My Parents Essay

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We are now accepting essays for the 2024 Season.

In 2011 when I established Tribute, I was reminded of the major impact that my parents have had on my life. In finding other ways to honor my father who passed away unexpectedly in 2010, I wanted to have a way for dancers to share their personal feelings with others about their own parents. I ask for dancers to take a moment to write essays about their family and the impact that they have made on their lives. These essays define what life truly is about which is the love and respect of family. The Tribute To My Parents Award is presented at each event and is a very special moment that touches the lives of others. For me personally, this is a very special presentation that inspires me each and every time I share the stage with the winning family. The feelings of emotion that are shared during this moment leave a lasting impression on all who are blessed to hear and see the love and appreciation of family.

I have the honor of presenting this award at each of our regional events and will now be accepting essays for the 2024 season. The essay must be sent to us prior to the event you are attending and must describe why you feel your parents should receive this award for things they have done for you during your years in dance. Remember you are writing this as a Tribute to your parents and this should be written by the dancer only and not shared with the parents. The parents who are selected by my family to receive this award will be invited on stage and portions of the essay will be read to them for the first time. The winner will be announced during one of the award segments and will not be notified prior to the event.

As a gift for their love, support and contributions to their children, Tribute returns all entry fees that were paid by the parents for the dancer who wrote the winning essay.  We are proud to say that we have returned thousands of dollars in entry fees to families which has made an impact on the lives of others.

A commemorative award will also be presented as a reminder of this special moment. One award will be presented at each regional event. To read the winning essays from past seasons visit our results and highlight page for each city.

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