“New Approach”

RE: Sale of Merchandise 

Dear Friends,

We are always looking for ways in which we can improve or do more to make a difference based on what we see and hear at our events.  In reviewing some of our notes, we made a change back in 2019.

Time and time again we see the financial investments that parents make for their sons and daughters to be in dance and we never take this for granted. After further discussion, we decided that at Tribute we will NOT sell merchandise or any other items that put families in a position to spend additional monies while attending a Tribute Event.  From the beginning we have always tried to implement ideas to help others.  We are proud to say that we were a leader in bringing FREE program books to the industry which now many events offer as welI.

We have thought for years that offering merchandise was a must since it is the norm and what everyone is used to seeing.  We just want to try something different by not having a retail store like so many other events and to focus more on the art of dance.  One thing that we love to see more than anything is the smiling faces of the dancers before and after they perform taking pictures with their family members, fellow team members and teachers in the lobby.  So, we have replaced what normally would be our merchandise area with an even larger and more enhanced display just for everyone to take photos.  From day one, we have always tried to do our part to make Tribute affordable for families and to give back and help others.  We try to always put ourselves in the shoes of parents who work so hard to provide for their children.  There are things that we have done and will continue to focus on that can truly make a difference for those attending our events.

So, if you are returning to Tribute or attending for the first time in the new year, you will not see racks of merchandise when you walk in the door at Tribute.  With this change you will also see our staff that would normally sit behind a counter selling items play a more significant role in a way to better serve our clients and families with an even stronger focus on customer care.

With every small family owned business, you never know what will happen from year to year.  At Tribute we are so humbled by the support we receive which allows us to stay in business in such a huge market and we are so excited about the future and the upcoming season.

With Gratitude and Appreciation,
Darin, Karen, Jonah and Olivia Troglia