About Tribute

In 2024, we will be celebrating our 13th Season. We are so grateful to all of the studios and families that have attended and supported our family business over the years. With each new season we continue to focus on keeping things simple. We are a small business compared to most dance competitions and conventions.  As the owner, I am deeply involved in my business and I have always said “If the owner is there, you know they care”. From city to city, I am at every event we host, and I make sure that when you arrive that I am there to personally welcome you and to be available if you need anything. Going into my 33rd year in the industry (20 years at Showbiz and 13 years owning Tribute), I want everyone to know how grateful I am to have this opportunity. I work very hard alongside a truly amazing staff to make sure that you feel appreciated. Behind the scenes, my wife is the office manager and loves working with teachers and studio owners before and after each event. So just know you are truly working one on one with a family when you choose to attend one of our events.  My wife and I are very blessed to work together so closely to make sure our company is not only extremely professional but also very personal and that everyone feels like a part of our own family.

We are very humble as Tribute continues to grow each and every year while still keeping our schedule to a manageable size. We never want to put ourselves in a position to lack in quality or professionalism because we are doing too many events. We have one team, and that same team works together at every event. “One Show..One Staff” is our motto and has proven to be extremely important in many ways. With one staff and a smaller schedule of hosting only 8-10 regional events each year, we are confident that our customer service and care for our clients is always at the highest level.

I am very proud of what Tribute stands for in an industry where competitions and conventions are plentiful, each with its own unique style and principles which define who they are. When I started there were 5 major events and now there are hundreds. We appreciate you taking the time to read about Tribute and please know that if you need anything we are here for you.  When you call or email our office you can be assured that you are working directly with the owners and my wife and I will always be available to help you in any way we can.

With so many choices you ask, “Why would I want to bring my studio to Tribute?” I hope that this information below will help you and that Tribute might be an event you would like to attend.  Here are some important facts that you might want to know about us:

• GIVE TEACHERS TIME: We feel it is important for studio owners to have time to focus on their own studios after a regional competition season ends in May.  Time to focus on recitals, summer programs, auditions and upcoming student registration.  Therefore, all we do is just post our dates for the next season for our clients.  We do not advertise or bother studio owners with phone calls or marketing overload. You will decided which events work best for your studio.  Tribute has never asked for deposits to reserve space or for studios to register in advance. If you decide that you would like to attend one of our events, just give us a call or email us and we will add you to our studio list for that city. We usually open up registration for the new season in late August after the kids go back to school.

• LIMITED NUMBER OF EVENTS: We limit the number of events that we host to 8-10 per season and we do not have multiple shows each weekend. This will ensure you receive the highest quality and standards at each of our events. With the same staff together at each event, we are a family unit and it is very evident as we enjoy spending time together with those that attend.

• ESSAY PRESENTATION: I wanted to have a way for dancers to share their personal feelings with others about their own parents. I ask for dancers to take a moment to write essays about their family and the impact that they have made on their lives. These essays define what life truly is about which is the love and respect of family. The Tribute To My Parents Award is presented at each event and is a very special moment that touches the lives of others. For me personally, this is a very special presentation that inspires me each and every time I share the stage with the winning family. The feelings of emotion that are shared during this moment leave a lasting impression on all who are blessed to hear and see the love and appreciation of family.

• FREE PROGRAM BOOKS back when I started Tribute in 2011, I wanted to do things that were not the norm in the dance industry. At the time every event charged for program books. So one of the things I created to help families was to make all program books FREE instead of the normal $8-$10 for a program.  This has really made an impact in the industry and now almost every competition and convention have followed our example and provide program books online for free.

• FREE VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY PASSES From day one at Tribute, we have not charged a MEDIA FEE and prefer to NOT make revenue from the sale of videos and photos that are being purchased by studio owners, teachers and parents. We want to allow the studio owners to decide what is best for their families to provide important keepsakes for memories that are cherished. Each studio in attendance will be given FREE OF CHARGE photographer and video passes to use during the competition.  This allows the studio owner to select in advance representatives or parents to take pictures and videotape routines for all of their studio performances.  All ID passes must be worn by the studio representatives at all times. Tribute reserves the right to inspect cameras brought into the theater at any time. Tribute has the right to revoke any photography or video pass at any time for any reason.   We do not LIVE FEED our events in order to protect the dancers and the choreography the teachers create.

• SALE OF MERCHANDISE: Back in 2019, we decided to make a big change by not selling merchandise or any other items that put families in a position to spend additional monies while their children share their talents on stage at a Tribute Event. I have thought for years that this is a must since it is the norm and what everyone is used to seeing. We just wanted to try something different by not having a retail store like so many other events and to focus more on the art of dance. We try to always put ourselves in the shoes of parents who work so hard to provide for their children.

• SPECIAL NEEDS DANCERS: We created a “Special Angels” Category for special needs children to have the opportunity to perform free of charge in a group routine.  We know we have made an impact as more and more events are providing opportunities for dancers with disabilities like we have from day one.

• FAMILY CATEGORY: With the importance of family we created the “Family Category”. This category allows dancers and their parents and family to perform together or just parents by themselves to perform a special number and parents over age 25 dance for FREE.  These routines are always very entertaining and special.

• DONATIONS: We are going to continue to make donations privately at each event to families who are experiencing some hardships and need a helping hand. Studio owners and their staff will play a huge role in nominating a family from the studio who may need financial help.  Just send us an email to tell us a story about this family you would like for us to consider for a donation to help them financially.  With this personal approach we have met several families who really needed assistance and being able to give them a donation face to face with the studio owner present is something my wife and I will remember for years to come.  Over the last 12 seasons we have donated over $65,000.00 to help others.

• JUDGES: At Tribute we hire studio owners and teachers who are energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  We hire judges that we know personally and know their backgrounds making sure our judges have in-studio experience which is extremely important.

• YOU ARE IMPORTANT: We focus on the importance of love of family by taking the time to know our clients on a personal level.

• EXPECT ONLY THE BEST: Superior Customer Service with a loving and caring staff always available to assist you.

We hope to see you very soon at one of our events to experience the genuine Gratitude, Respect and Admiration that you will receive when you attend Tribute National Talent Competition.

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Darin Troglia
Founder & CEO