Time Schedule

The basic time schedule will be posted 7 days before your event.  Each competition schedule will vary from show to show and there is really no set order for which day Petite & Juniors and/or Teen & Seniors perform and it is based on the number of performances registered for the event.  Each studio owner will be sent a report with detailed times for all routines as well.

If families have conflicts on the weekend of the event, it is asked that you speak directly to your studio owner or teacher so he or she can contact our office with any conflicts.  We ask that every effort be made for all performances to compete on the designated day and time they are scheduled. Routines that compete outside of their scheduled day and time are subject to adjudication only.  There will be times that we will run ahead of the printed time schedule therefore we ask that each performer or group be ready to perform at least 1 hour before the printed time.