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Tribute to Family and Friends – Sharing your comments in our Free Program Books

Dear Friends,

As we look at our own lives we all know how words of encouragement, love and appreciation can make such a difference in someone’s day and a lasting impression.  Support and kindness can change the entire direction in attitude and determination.  There are also times where we all need love and support to bring joy to our day.  We might need just a simple word to bring a smile to our face or give us courage.

Since Tribute does not charge for the program books I created a feature a few years ago that everyone can be involved in. I make the program books myself and this is easy for me to incorporate.  I create pages in the program book called “Tribute to Family and Friends”. These pages will be online for everyone to see in the book.  We may have a few comments or several to add to the book, but I at least want to always offer the opportunity for others to share feelings.

I want parents, teachers, dancers and relatives to have a place where they can share their love, support and appreciation for each other with heartfelt comments.  This will be a great way to show your support to dancers who are performing at Tribute and dance teachers who work so hard.  Please fill out the form below to submit your kind comments no later than 5 days before your event.

Comments Form:

  • Type your comments exactly as you would like them to appear in the program in 100 words or less in the box below.
    Once you click Submit you will receive a thank you message. If you do not receive this message you are missing a required box and will need to fill in the blank for your comments to be sent to us.