Online Registration

The 2018 Online Registration for events will open September 29th. Before we open registration you can edit and change your roster at anytime.

At Tribute our registration is on a first come first serve basis. We are different from someĀ of the other dance competitions since we limit the number of routines we accept for an event and can fill up in certain cities. We do not believe in starting our events on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday mornings just to take more entries. Prior to opening our online registration program you can send us an email or call us to let us know you are attending. Once we receive a written confirmation that you are attending and space is available for that city, we will confirm with you and we will include your routines in the preliminary act count for that city. It is not unusual for us to fill up in certain cities even before online registration is active with verbal and written confirmation from studios who are participating.

Each dance studio must registerĀ a minimum of 6 routines to participate. Independent entries may not register for a Tribute Event and all registration must be through the dance studio.

If you have participated at a Tribute Event in the past use your username and password you have already established which has saved all of your studio information and dancers.