Tribute To Dance

Tribute stands for more than just a dance competition..

From day one,  I wanted to have a way for dancers to share their personal feelings with others about their own parents. I ask for dancers to take a moment to write essays about their parents and the impact that they have made on their lives. The Tribute To My Parents Award is presented at each event and is a very special moment that touches the lives of others.  I have the honor of presenting this award at each of our regional events and will now be accepting essays for the 2020 season.

Tribute returns all entry fees that were paid by the parents for the dancer who wrote the winning essay. In our first 8 seasons, we have returned over $40,000 to families which has made an impact on the lives of others.  Click here to send us your essay


Helping Families

In the past, we have donated funds through our 5678 Donate Program to many large national organizations.  For the future we really wanted our donation program to focus mainly on helping dance families that we see at our events.  As we did this past season, we are going to continue to make donations privately at each event to families who are experiencing some hardships and need a helping hand.  Studio owners and their staff will play a huge role in nominating a family from the studio who may need financial help.  Just send us an email to tell us a story about this family you would like for us to consider for a donation to help them financially.  With this personal approach we have met several families who really needed assistance and being able to give them a donation face to face with the studio owner present is something my wife and I will remember for years to come.

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