Tribute To Dance


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Our Minneapolis event will now be held at
Canterbury Park Expo Hall in
Shakopee, MN

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St. Louis is now May 14-16 at St. Charles Convention Center

Chicago event March 19-21 will now be in Davenport, IA March 12-14

Denver event February 12-14 has been rescheduled to April 23-25

Detroit MI will now be in Toledo Ohio May 7-9

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With Hope and Optimism for the future..
Thank you for visiting our website. I have had some very inspiring conversations over the last several months that truly brings hope for tomorrow. We all know that things are changing and that we are all adjusting to move forward in every way possible. We are all experiencing some good news and bad news and some ups and downs, but as we continue to show love and support for one another the possibilities are endless as we look to the future. As I prepare for Tribute events, I continue to put my heart and soul into everything I am doing to prepare for tomorrow even though there are still some uncertainties in our country. Our first event is on January 22 and I am hopeful that by that time we will see progress in the right direction. I have chosen to let dance teachers focus on their own businesses and their dance families and have been somewhat quiet by not really talking about Tribute too much. Most know me well enough that if anyone needs anything I am always here to talk and help in any way I can. I know my friends are working so hard in their dance studios and am so inspired by all you have and continue to do to move forward. I also know parents are making important decisions for their children and I continue to pray for everyone with each new day. Thank you for those who have already made preliminary plans to attend Tribute and have reached out to me..I am so grateful and appreciative. We may not know what tomorrow will bring just yet, but together we can all stay positive and inspire one another with a helping hand or words of love and encouragement that can allow us to hope for the best..
With Hope and Prayers